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One of the strengths of this program is that we are one big family.  We have hundreds of members and we add more each season.  In 2015 the team picked the slogan "family" as our battle cry.  It was their own idea.  That, more than anything else, prompted this website.  Coach Delaney and Coach Milush made us feel that we were all part of something bigger, and we are.  It is good to know our players feel the same way today.  Hopefully we can continue to connect, bring the family together more often, and keep growing our brand.  This page is dedicated to our families inside the family.      
The Delaney Family:
Jim 1969
Tom 1972
Ben 1999  (Tom's son)
The Dillinger Gang:
Terry 1971
Brian 2004
Brett  2010
The Gloecklers:
Erv 1975
JP 1983
Aaron 2016 (Erv's son)
Doug Koch 1988 & Ben Koch 2016